Personalized Poolscape Stepping Stones

Give the kids a chance to help personalize the poolscape with this stepping-stone idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Once it’s created, find a special spot in a flower bed around the pool to showcase the kids’ creativity.


Newspapers, paper towels, vegetable oil and pastry brush
Rubber gloves
Cake pan or store bought molds
Plaster mix
Disposable bucket
Powdered paint mixes
Disposable paint stirrers
Acrylic paints


Spread a layer of newspapers on the floor or ground for protection. Put on rubber gloves.

Brush the bottom of the cake pan or mold lightly with vegetable oil.

Pour dry plaster mix into the bucket (start with about 2 cups).

Add the powdered paint to achieve the desired color. About 1/2 cup will create an intense color; use less for a lighter shade.

Stir in water until the mixture is the consistency of thick pancake batter.

Pour the plaster mixture into the cake pan or mold. Using a paint stirrer, spread the mixture until level. Lightly tap the pan to shake out air bubbles.

Press shells, rocks, or other memorabilia you wish to save into the wet plaster.

Allow to set at least 24 hours.

Carefully turn the mold upside down and tap gently until the set plaster pops out.

Decorate with acrylic paint if desired.

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