Getting Started

Getting Started

How to Plan the Perfect Backyard

Once you’ve decided to invest in your home, health and happiness by building a backyard pool, there are many choices to be made. The most important one is choosing your pool builder, but first make some basic decisions about what you and your family want out of a pool.

The following are some basic elements you should consider as you plan your dream backyard. Think about each of these topics and discuss them with your family members. Once you have a clearer picture of what you want out of your new pool, your professional pool builder will work with you to make the dream a reality.

  • Function
  • Exterior Design
  • Maintenance and Safety
  • Function First

Function First

Think about how your family will use your new pool and backyard. Exercise? Entertainment? Family fun? All of the above? Form follows function as these examples illustrate:


A beautifully designed backyard pool is the perfect setting for business or social gatherings. You’ll want to consider spacious decks, room for casual seating or conversation areas and lighting. Add an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, sound system, a sun shelf and a swim-up bar to take it to the next level.


– Imagine walking to the backyard — instead of driving to the gym — to do your cardio, strength and flexibility training. If exercise is a priority, you may want a pool in which to swim laps, do deep-water aquatic exercise or warm-water routines. If you don’t have a large enough yard for laps, don’t worry! There are many types of current generators that can turn a small pool into a “competition” pool. A swim spa can provide a place for a warm-water workout, and a hot tub is just the thing to relax the muscles pre- or post-workout.


– There’s nothing like a pool to bring the family together. The perfect family pool depends on your family’s interest, but consider play equipment like a volleyball net or basketball hoop; outdoor dining options — whether a complete kitchen or just a great place to have a picnic; a hot tub or spa large enough for everyone and an outdoor shower to make clean up a breeze.


– If your pool will serve as summer-fun central for the kids, be sure to think about including a jump rock or slide in your plans. A spray pad or a shallow area for smaller ones is a must, along with plenty of seating for the adults supervising the fun. A basketball hoop or volleyball net will keep the crowd busy, too. Add an outdoor shower or at least a foot shower to keep the little footprints outside.

Exterior Design

Some of the most basic design decisions will be influenced by the functions you want your pool serve and the constraints of your backyard, but after that, the sky’s the limit! Styles, colors, textures — it’s all up to you. You will probably want to choose a style that is compatible with the architecture of your house: if you have a contemporary home, a contemporary pool design will probably be most pleasing. But it’s your pool, so let your heart guide you. Pools come in an infinite number of designs and styles. Choose from a traditional kidney or rectangle shape to a freeform or lagoon shape. Use your favorite colors, or match the palette of your home. If you want a “resort-style” oasis with rocks and waterfalls—you can have it. Maybe drama — a vanishing edge and firebowls — is more your style. The point is that you can work with your professional builder to create a backyard oasis for your family that suits them to a “T.”


Even if you plan to hire a pool cleaning service to maintain your new pool, making design choices that make maintenance easier will save time and money all around.

Consider the following options when thinking of your pool design:

  • Pool Surface
  • Pool Cover
  • Equipment
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Sanitation
  • Safety
  • In-Floor Cleaner

Working with Your Pool Builder

When meeting with your pool builder. Talk about your ideas on backyard landscape designs and your preferences in styles, colors and textures. You will need to discuss the parameters of the available space. It will help your pool builder to know your ideas on backyard entertainment, your family members and how you’ll use your new pool and outdoor living space. Energy efficiency, maintenance and safety are all topics that will help give a clear idea of your perfect pool. By working together, with your builder they will help you come up with the design perfect for your lifestyle.

Contact us today to get started on the perfect pool for you and your family.

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