Laguna Pools and Designs, Ltd. answers some of the most popular questions asked by customers about pool construction and maintenance. Please click on the ▼ to reveal the answer and the ▲ to hide it.

What are your Drain and Clean Recommendations?

We recommend completely draining and chemically cleaning the plaster of your pool once every two years. This cleaning removes most of the buildup of calcium on the plaster surface, while also removing scale caused by hard water, over chemically treated pool water, and changing stabilizer, etc.

How Do I Lower the Water Level?

Turn filter pump off, press down handle fully, rotate to "waste", release handle, turn filter pump on. After desired water level is reached, reverse this procedure, returning the handle to the "filter" or "normal" position.

How Do I Clean the Catch Basket in the Pump?

  1. Turn pool cleaner pump off (if so equipped and if it is running)
  2. Turn filter pump off and open air relief valve (located on top of the filter tank just below pressure gauge, if so equipped)
  3. Loosen and remove pump strainer lid
  4. Empty basket, replace lid and tighten
  5. Turn filter pump on
  6. Close air relief valve when water comes out (if so equipped)
  7. If pool cleaner pump was turned off in step 1, it may now be turned on.

Note: If basket is cleaned immediately prior to backwashing, allow filter pump to run for at least two minutes after completing step 7, before proceeding with the backwash procedure.

What is the Pump Priming Procedure?

  1. Turn filter and pool cleaner pump motors off
  2. Open air relief valve (located on top of filter tank beside pressure gauges, if so equipped)
  3. Loosen pump strainer lid and remove
  4. Empty any debris from basket
  5. Pour water into the pump strainer pot allowing water to run into suction line (pipe leading into strainer pot, just below lid)
  6. Replace pump strainer lid and tighten as quickly as possible
  7. Turn filter motor on
  8. Close air relief valve when water comes out (if so equipped)
    Note: If pressure does not come up within four minutes, repeat step 1-8
  9. If pool cleaner pump was turned off in step 1, it may now be turned on

How Does My Skimmer Work?

When the pump is on, water is drawn from the body of the skimmer causing surface water from the pool to run in over the top of the floating weir (flap). This action carries floating leaves, bugs, etc. into the skimmer to be trapped in the skimmer basket. The water flows through the basket and then is drawn to the pump.

Does the Water Level Affect the Use of Skimmers?

YES!!! The water level should be kept about middle of the skimmer opening. Low water level may cause air to enter the system threw the skimmer resulting in possible loss of pump prime and subsequent equipment damage. An excessively high water level will greatly reduce skimmer efficiency.

How Do I Vacuum My Pool?

  1. If pool has more than one skimmer , plug the suction port on the other skimmer.
  2. Remove skimmer basket.
  3. Connect the vacuum hose to vacuum head which has already been attached to the cleaning pole.
  4. Place vacuum head and hose in water and rest pole against side of pool near skimmer.
  5. Fill the hose by passing it hand over hand into the water until the free end of the hose has been reached. The hose will be free of air and full of water when water flows from the free end. It is very important that this be done carefully to avoid entrapped air from entering the pumping system. Should this occur, the pump may lose prime. (See: Pump Priming Procedure)
  6. Pass the free end of the vacuum hose through the skimmer throat and insert it in the back hole in the bottom of the skimmer.