Father’s Day Notepad

Father’s Day Notepad

The greatest gifts in life cannot be bought, and with Father’s Day this weekend, there is no better time to get the kids together to make Dad a little something special this holiday weekend. This craft from www.familyfun.com is a cute little idea to help Dad remember all those important events coming up by writing them down in his handmade notepad.


Three sheets of plain letter-sized paper
Hole punch
Thin cardboard
Rubber band
Stick from tree


Cut three sheets of plain letter-size paper in half lengthwise. Fold the two sets of three
sheets in half. Working on one set at a time, punch two holes 3/4-inch in from the fold and the side.

Cut two pieces of thin cardboard the same size as the folded white paper, then trim about 1/8-inch from the short ends. Cut a 4 1/4- by 11-inch piece from a brown paper bag, then use glue stick to adhere it to the two cardboard pieces, leaving a small gap between them, as shown. Punch four holes 3/4-inch in from the gap and the side.

Fold the brown paper cover around the two sets of white paper. Feed a loop of a 3 1/2-inch rubber band through each hole, and slide a small stick through the loops. Attach newspaper letters to the cover with glue stick.

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